Solar Powered Surveillance Trailer

Nowadays, site or property security has become a must. In busy, hectic schedules, visiting your sites in different or same locations is impossible. This takes time, and in the case of any theft or vandalism, you can only feel helpless as having no proof or evidence. Therefore, you need to deploy intelligent solar surveillance trailers to eliminate visits and increase the protection of your property/business. Security solutions are much required in the present scenario for real-time surveillance.

What is Mobile Video Surveillance?

Conventional security systems are gradually replacing with advanced mobile video surveillance systems that feature cellular-based video transmission and enable users to live stream and record videos with safe and fast remote access. The system is designed to offer portability, quick installations, and much more.

 Did you know the mobile video surveillance market share is estimated to reach USD 3.6 billion by 2027?

Whether it’s a law enforcement agency, construction site, parking lot, or other sites, the solar surveillance trailer serves every location and uniquely responds to each requirement. The trailers are portable platforms used to install or mount mobile camera systems. With sites having no power and pole, solar-powered trailers are best used. 

Let’s discuss the excellent results you can achieve with the installation of a Solar surveillance trailer:

  • Easy & Rapid Deployment: With Solar mobile surveillance trailers, you can say goodbye to expensive and intense installation procedures. The solar-powered trailers require no cabling and power as the fixed security cameras need. It saves time, money, and the hassles of detecting crime spots. It offers convenience, flexibility, and robust security controls within just a few minutes of installation. 
  • Autonomously-Powered Surveillance Trailer Solution:   The fully autonomous security trailers are ideal for site security and monitoring. The solar-powered platform trailers are easy to place, move, and use for video monitoring your properties. 
  • Proactive Property Security:   The AI technology-based mobile surveillance solutions enable businesses to detect false alarms/red flags etc. The hi-tech systems provide a 360-degree view of the locations, record live incidents, and prevent property damage. 
  • Reduced Costs & Labor:  Hiring guards only is no longer enough for 24/7 monitoring of your locations. Live video monitoring systems are a self-sufficient and cost-effective way to monitor your sites and properties constantly. 
  • Cloud-Based Controllability: What if the guard is not available at the time of theft or there’s no electricity to record the occurrence? In this case, the Solar mobile surveillance trailers serve a great purpose. These can be best used to safeguard remote locations without requiring any internet or electricity. The cloud solution provides instant access to site locations, and the users can set up parameters from anywhere, anytime.  

Get Unmatched Security & Projection Throughout CA

OTRX is a Fresno-based advanced surveillance system provider. Book a consultation with the experts, and the fully-featured and tailored solution will be at your doorstep. With expertise and robust trailers, the professionals at OTRX guarantee to secure your commercial properties and residential premises. The systems track activities, alert owners, and effortlessly prevent crimes within seconds.  

 To learn more about OTRX solar surveillance trailers, visit us.

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