Add a set of eyes in the sky
Advanced protection from theft and vandalism

  • Real Time security camera monitoring

OTRX is the perfect solution for those looking to mitigate theft or vandalism. We provide solar-powered mobile surveillance towers to meet your remote video monitoring and surveillance needs.

The OTRX is a solar-powered mobile surveillance tower that can watch over any construction site, industrial property, and other temporary or remote sites. Its 360-degree perimeter alarm can ensure that you're always aware of potential threats no matter where you are in the world.

Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a solar-powered surveillance tower is always available to protect their assets and properties. The OTRX also comes with an Internet-connected camera system so that you can watch live video from anywhere in the world at any time during business hours.

It also has CCTV-wireless cameras that allow you to move them around your facility as needed—perfect for monitoring entrances and exits, parking lots, or other areas where you might need surveillance coverage. OTRX has a solar generator backup to ensure that there's always enough power for its cameras and speakers.

We know how hard it is to find someone who will take care of all of those little details—and we want to help!

OTRX Introducing DORI

Mobile security tower solution that meets your surveillance needs.


Our self-sufficient solar power system detects people and things from a much further distance.


OTRX’s complete mobile surveillance system gives characteristic details of the detected thing or a person for clear identification.


Our self-sufficient solar power system recognizes whether the suspected person or object has been seen before.


With OTRX’s one-of-a-kind Surveillance System, you can identify possible threats with ease.

Why Choose OTRX - On the Radar Extreme

Outdoor Surveillance Done Right

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Quick Setup

The tower comes fully equipped with an HD camera, an IP camera, a motion detector, and a microphone. This setup makes it easy to record footage of your property or business in case of an emergency.


High Stability

The surveillance tower has been designed specifically for surveillance purposes. Outriggers, guy wires, bubble level, and retractable masts make it highly stable.


Highly Customizable

The tower Surveillance System is a complete security solution that can be customized to your specific needs. Our state-of-the-art technology allows you to customize your system to meet your specific needs and budget.


Real-Time Monitoring

The surveillance tower is a mobile surveillance vehicle that provides real-time video surveillance and recording. The tower can be deployed for short or extended periods of time, depending on your needs.


24*7 Remote Access, Powered by the Sun

The solar-powered surveillance tower features a solar panel on the roof that provides power for the tower. The panel also charges a battery inside the tower, which allows for 24/7 monitoring.


Tower Features Helping you keep a watchful eye on what matters most

  • CCTV-wireless
  • Internet-connected
  • It can speak
  • 360-degree perimeter alarm
  • Eight speakers
  • Solar-panel generator backup

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