OTRX - On the Radar Extreme

No electricity or internet?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you our effective and modern security solution.

Monitor and protect your assets From Anywhere with Ease. We help companies keep their assets protected from the comfort of their places.

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Who are we? And what do we offer?

At OTRX, we've designed a mobile solar-powered trailer that can be installed and removed in a matter of minutes. Therefore, you can keep watch on your private property or business premises, achieve remote surveillance camera views from remote residential areas or the great outdoors, and reduce your impact on the environment by connecting all cameras to one power source.


For affordable usability

our trailers are affordable and can survive any weather condition.


For built-in streaming TV quality cameras

we install the most advanced HD real-time streaming technology for you to monitor live footage from anywhere. Our system also provides recorded footage with motion detection and email alerts as optional extras.


Our installation team is available nationwide

We have a network of trusted partners who can quickly and efficiently install our trailers at any location.

Our Mission

Stay at the cutting edge of technology to produce the best equipped mobile surveillance solution for every budget.

Why Us?

Criminal activities coupled with delayed response times can result in sizable losses. Our towers equipped with powerful wireless cameras, and utilizing Night Fighter Technology can obtain clear, 4K, Color Images day or night.

OTRX’s solar-powered trailer can help find missing persons, assist in search and rescue missions, thwart criminal actors, and much more. Furthermore, all data is preserved in real-time through live-streaming video and recorded footage which is archived on the server.