solar-powered security cameras

Who wants to avoid putting their mind at ease regarding security? No matter whether you are at home or on vacation, there can be situations that can be uncontrollable. The need for a reliable solar surveillance trailer arises. 

In 2019, the latest FBI Crime Data Report highlighted 492,911 burglary incidents across the United States. A significant portion of these incidents, totaling 379,434, occurred at residential homes, resulting in an average loss of almost $3,000 in personal property. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, a burglary is designated as a home invasion when a resident is present, and historical data from 2010 indicates that this occurs 28% of the time.

Not even in the daytime can you feel safe in your homes, construction sites, parking lots, and other areas. Proper security and protection all day and night are the growing and pressing needs of the residents and commercial owners. 

Keeping Curtains Is Not A Solution Nowadays

Installing a smart lock can be a solution. But what is taken and who entered your territory is always a matter of concern. Therefore, always keep installing mobile surveillance solutions as your priority for visual evidences. Shopping for a surveillance mobile security trailer is always challenging. Devices needing wiring to keep them charged are being replaced with solar-powered security cameras in the present era. What makes them better than traditional security monitoring solutions? 

  • Ease to install 
  • Standalone Devices 
  • Flexible and Durable
  • Excellent Fit for All Locations 
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Record continuously
  • Real-time Live Streaming

Must-Haves in Solar Surveillance Trailer

You can’t rely on your neighbors to look for your properties and assets. Suitable security cameras need to be deployed to prevent burglars. Today, installing cameras without cables is considered ideal for a reason and has the potential to capture all day and night footage with complete clarity. The demand for the trailers has skyrocketed. However, you need to understand what must be included in your customized trailers for security. Have a look at the essentials below: 

  • Camera Resolution: When searching for a solar-powered security camera, prioritize camera resolution. Opt for a high-definition (H.D.) camera or sharper models to ensure clear, detailed security footage.
  • Field of View: Consider the field of view of the security camera. A wider field of view enhances coverage, making it an essential feature for effective surveillance.
  • Solar Panel Wattage: Evaluate the wattage of the solar panel paired with the camera. Higher wattage charges the battery faster and delivers more power to the security camera, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Night Vision and Motion Activation: Check for night vision capabilities and motion activation features. Low-light conditions always double the problems when it comes to monitoring. But, the security cameras that are charged with solar power offer reliable night vision. 
  • Two-Way Speakers: Consider the option of two-way audio for enhanced communication. This feature allows you to interact with individuals near the camera, adding an extra layer of security and monitoring capabilities.
  • Home Monitoring at Night and When Away: Ensure the selected camera includes features like night vision, intruder siren, and geo-fencing for comprehensive home monitoring, especially during nighttime or when you are away from home or office.
  • Office-Site Surveillance and Alarms: You can’t deny without innovative alert capabilities; it is impossible to detect vandalism. It is necessary to have a solution that enables you to monitor from a distant location. 

To Sum Up 

If you are a first-time buyer, you must be looking for an answer on how solar mobile surveillance trailers work and the operational principle behind solar-powered security cameras. The mechanism that enables solar-powered security cameras to function through the night involves utilizing the power stored in their rechargeable batteries, acquired during daylight hours.

Solar-powered security cameras harness energy from compact solar panels, transforming sunlight into electricity to charge the internal rechargeable batteries. Additionally, integrated inverters within these cameras can convert direct current (D.C.) power generated by the solar panels into alternate current (A.C.) electricity, ensuring a consistent power supply during periods of sunlight.

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