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Construction sites are, unfortunately, prime targets for criminal activity. With security cameras, you get a cost-efficient solution for safeguarding your job site and ensuring the safety of your employees – all while maintaining project timelines.

The FBI reports that construction sites are the most common target for theft compared to other commercial properties. This is because valuable building materials are easily accessible, and there is often inadequate surveillance. However, installing security cameras can help reduce the risks and improve site monitoring.

As a construction business owner, you may face financial losses due to theft and vandalism. But you can prevent such incidents by installing security cameras at your construction site. Security cameras act as additional eyes and help you monitor every type of activity on your construction site while providing you the visibility to identify any criminal activity aimed at your job site.

In this article, remote surveillance experts at OTRX outline effective measures to help you secure your construction site.

Mobile Solar Surveillance Trailer

Solar-powered mobile video surveillance Units from OTRX are equipped with motion sensors and radar technology to deter crime from construction sites effectively. The Solar surveillance trailer in Fresno for construction site security is one of the most advanced on the market.

Mobile security solutions are ideal for remote job sites that require constant protection. By collaborating closely with the security and safety teams at the job site, you can ensure your security system is placed correctly throughout your construction site.

Through the highest resolution imaging possible and real-time video analysis, OTRX’s state-of-the-art mobile video surveillance monitoring system can utilize the technologies mentioned above to detect, report, and address security concerns quickly, ensuring that your job site remains protected.

Precise Inventory Management

It’s important to record everything you have on-site to avoid realizing something is missing only when you need it. If you don’t have a record, you may be unable to identify what was taken. To prevent this, consider taking the following mentioned steps.

Create a comprehensive inventory list of your on-site equipment to ensure better measurements against theft, investigations, and quick equipment recovery. This involves taking pictures, recording serial numbers, and noting the equipment’s exact makes, models, and years.

Additionally, keeping a detailed record of all purchases, including their usage status, is crucial in quickly detecting any potential theft and identifying missing materials.

Secure the Perimeter

To enhance security measures at your job site, it may be wise to consider the installation of a fence. This particular measure can be both affordable and effective, as it makes it considerably more difficult for unauthorized individuals to enter or exit undetected.

The absence of a fence presents a prime opportunity for thieves to drive a truck onto the site and steal items without causing any suspicion. However, the presence of a fence or barrier is far more likely to attract attention and suspicion from individuals in the vicinity, thereby deterring potential theft and enhancing the site’s overall security.

Use better lighting at off-time

To prevent theft on job sites, it’s crucial to ensure the area is well-lit, especially during nighttime. Insufficient lighting can create an environment that favors theft, allowing thieves to operate without being detected or reported.

In addition, proper lighting can improve visibility for security cameras or a Solar surveillance trailer system, whether on your site or in nearby buildings. Enhancing site security can protect your property and avoid potential losses from theft or other crimes.

Secure and Shelter Large movable Equipment

Due to mobility, large equipment such as forklifts and bobcats are at a higher risk of theft. They can be quickly loaded onto the back of a truck or flatbed and driven away. However, you can prevent this by using wheel boots to immobilize the equipment during off-hours.

Alternatively, you can stack materials around the equipment overnight, making moving and deterring potential thieves more difficult. Remember, thieves prefer quick and easy targets, so any obstacle can make them choose a different site.

In Conclusion

To improve the security of your construction site, installing a reliable surveillance system such as solar mobile surveillance trailers Fresno CA is recommended. This will ensure your site’s safety and create a productive work environment for your team.

By following this guide, you can easily protect your construction site and keep your team safe. Today, implement the steps outlined to create a safer work environment.

About OTRX

Along with securing your construction site, OTRX has developed a solar-powered trailer that can be used for various purposes, such as finding missing persons, aiding in search and rescue operations, preventing criminal activity, and more. The trailer also can live-stream video and record footage stored on a server in real time. OTRX strives to stay up-to-date with the latest technology to provide the most advanced and affordable mobile surveillance solution.

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